What are the classifications of architectural glass?

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1.Flat glass

There are also many types of flat glass. The most common is glass for architectural windows, which is often used to make glass doors and windows. Generally speaking, their surfaces are relatively smooth and have strong light transmission properties; In addition, flat glass also has specially treated glass with light transmittance and rough surface, which will be used as special glass doors and windows for special privacy places such as bathrooms and toilets. There is also a flat glass that adds colored substances to the surface of the glass to form glass with colorful effects, which is generally used for decoration.  

2.Patterned glass

Patterned glass is very similar to the flat glass used in bathrooms, toilets, etc. It is also a special glass product whose surface is treated with diffuse reflection substances, but it will not be used in private places such as bathrooms and toilets. For decorations, for example, the production of screens, lamp shades and other products requires the use of patterned glass.  

3.Safety glass

Safety glass is a glass product with high strength or high safety after special treatment. The most common safety glass is tempered glass, wired glass and laminated glass. Tempered glass is very powerful and is often used in the production of glass products such as glass curtain walls and backboards. Wired glass is a special safety glass with special protection measures such as steel wire added inside the glass. It has good heat insulation performance and anti-theft performance, and is often used in banks, museums and other places. Laminated glass is very similar to wired glass, it is also specially treated glass with high safety and thermal insulation properties.  

4.Specialty Glass

Special glass is a glass product with special heat absorption function, light color change function and heat reflection function. Different from other architectural glass, special glass can be used in some special occasions, and it can exert the functions of heat absorption, light color change and heat reflection in these special occasions. Therefore, its professionalism is compared with other architectural glass. It will be much higher, and in real places, we generally rarely see the figure of special glass.