Turbo Blower Convection Glass Tempering Furnace

Product Applications

Glass products for construction, home appliances, decoration, automobile and other industries.

Product Advantages
  • Low Energy Consumption Internal Circulation Turbo Blower

  • Blower Controlled Independently, Partial Convection

  • External Setting Blower, Stable And Reliable, Easy To Maintain

  • Super Flatness & No Wind Spot, Processing High Qualified Glass

Turbo Blower Convection Glass Tempering Furnace

Product Display

Parameter for Convection Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

Note: Millimeter is taken for all above calculations. The output is calculated based on 100% loading rate of 5mm float glass.The Power is the minimum size of the customer's transformer.

ModelMax Glass SizeMin Glass SizeGlass ThicknessProductivity(m²/h) Power(KVA)
HNT-A2030Q2000x3000 150x2504-19 90400
HNT-A2436Q 2440x3660 200x3004-19 134 500
HNT-A2442Q 2440x4200 200x3004-19 154 550
HNT-A2450Q 2440x5000 200x400 4-19 183800
HNT-A2460Q2440x6000 200x400 4-19 220 800
HNT-A2860Q2800x6000200x5005-19252 900
HNT-A3380Q 3300x8000 200x5006-19 3161500
HNT-A33160Q 3300x16000200x5006-19 633 2800