Service and Support

Zhejiang Hanneng adheres to the service concept of "Everything is for the customer, so that customers can buy with confidence, use comfortably, and repair with peace of mind"; customer-centric, with the fastest speed, the best skills, and the most considerate service, to achieve "no The best, only better" service goal. Improve customer satisfaction through timely, thoughtful and satisfactory service, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Zhejiang Hanneng brand and leading the new trend of industry services.

Service and Support

During the production process of your equipment, if there is a problem, you can solve it in the following ways:

  • Call Zhejiang Hanergy Service Center, contact number: 0086-573-84776287, telephone to inquire about the solution to related problems, if you can't solve it yourself, you can apply for after-sales service (24 hours a day); in order to improve the timely service If there is a problem in the use of the equipment, you can directly call the service engineer or service manager, and they will directly provide you with professional technical consulting services, so as to obtain efficient services.

  • Apply for after-sales service by fax, describe the problem and phenomenon in detail, and indicate the equipment model, user name, contact information and other information, so that the after-sales service personnel can follow up in time. Faxes can be sent to: 0086-573-84777708.

  • If you encounter untimely service or are not satisfied with the quality of after-sales service, you can call: 0086-573-84778670, the service manager will verify, supervise and follow up on the relevant service situation.


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